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I have seen my son's love of music grow tremendously since beginning mum n munchkins classes through mum n munchkins. From attending the classes, to singing and dancing at home, I see him at his happiest when music is involved. The program has nurtured his musicality and exposed him to much more than I could have hoped for at such a young age. It is truly a fun and invaluable program.

Melissa, mums n munchkins mom

Great way to start Saturday am. Best parent class we've taken. Fun for baby and Parents!

mums n munchkins mum

An excellent program! Fun experience!

mums n munchkins Grandma

This class is amazing!! Every kid should go to it. I tell everyone about it.

mum n munchkins Family

I just thought you would think this is funny. kasheesh has been going around all day with a little wooden block she has pushing it onto my and her dad's hand saying ding dong ding. She is giving us a stamp just like you do after class! The whole time in class she never wanted one but she was watching you and obviously thought it was pretty cool. Hahaha

rukhsar , mum n munchkins

This experience has been amazing! The music is wonderful and my toddler sings the songs everywhere we go. What I didn't expect was how this helped her speech advance so quickly! We love this class!

mums n munchkins

We had so much fun and can't wait until Fall. It was a great group, super friendly and Ms.Danielle was fantastic. Thanks Danielle!

mum n munchkins

I highly recommend this class. Even if my child is quiet in class, he is taking it all in and his musical expression comes out at home. He loves music, both instruments and using his voice.

mum n munchkins

I feel like my son really blossomed and grew musically during class. He loves the music at home and is excited to sing and dance with familiar songs in class. Loves seeing his friends here and is such a supportive environment.

Lakshmi Hegde, mum n munchkins Mom