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Flat 25% Off on Maternity Wear ...for Limited Period Only

Flat 25% Off on Maternity Wear …for Limited Period Only

25-percent-off-sale-imageHurry!!! Offer Valid till stocks lasts….Valid on Feeding Gowns, Feeding Tops, Maternity Pants, Maternity Capris, Maternity Jeans..and much more…


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Dear Expectant Mothers and and also friends of Expectant parents,


Please visit us on 3rd February, Sunday, 2013 at our store in Galleria. To celebrate motherhood, we will give the below mentioned to the pregnant walk-ins or anyone who refers a pregnant friend-

1. Readers Digest Pregnancy Manual
2. Rs. 2000 Diet Clinic gift voucher for post pregnancy weight loss valid in Gurgaon
3. Vlcc gift voucher for free foot Massage & Manicure, Pedicure & Face Clean-up for Rs. 999 valid in Gurgaon
4. Isaac Aesthetic Rs. 2500 gift voucher for complimentary blow dry, foot reflexology & extensive skin analysis with dermatologist recommendation valid in Chattarpur extension, Delhi.

For any more details pls call 0124-4105735.
Looking forward to see you!


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Discounts on Diapers till stocks last!!


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postheadericon Feeding Nighties and Night Suits for new Mommies

Here is our collection of feeding  nighties and night suits for new mommies:



postheadericon Things to keep in mind while buying a Pram/Stroller

Many factors conspire to make this particular purchase a highly personal one, including your lifestyle, your height, your arm strength and your personal preferences for various bells and whistles.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you start shopping around, but take heart: The following tips can help you choose the best set of wheels for your baby.

1. Check on all options and decide your budget.

2. Kick the tires. OK, you may not literally want to kick anything as you shop around, but it’s of paramount importance that you test out a wide variety of strollers before you make any decisions. Visit stores in person and try opening, folding and carrying different models with one hand. Make sure the stroller feels sturdy, not flimsy.

3. Remember seemingly small details. If more than one person will be pushing the stroller, adjustable handles are an important feature to have. Other features that can quickly become indispensable are a cup holder, a canopy to shield your baby from sun or rain, and a basket that’s big enough to store your stuff. Another key detail: Be sure the stroller fits inside your trunk.

4. Newborns have special needs. A newborn baby needs a stroller that lets him or her lie down or that works in concert with a car seat. After your baby reaches about 6 months of age and can sit up – but not before then – you could consider a stroller that doesn’t recline.

5. Just detach that car seat and go. Want to be able to avoid waking your baby up if he or she falls asleep in a car seat? If so, you could consider a full travel system that fits a car seat into a stroller. You’d be able to keep using the stroller even after your baby outgrows the car seat. Some travel systems can be expensive, though.

6. A lightweight frame also could do the trick. If you know you want the ability to use your baby’s car seat with your stroller, you could spend less money by buying an empty frame that rolls an infant car seat around. The frames tend to be easy to open and close with one hand. The drawback: By the time your child turns about a year old and outgrows the car seat, you’d have to replace both the frame and the seat with something else.

7. Go off road. A jogger or all-terrain stroller has three heavy-duty suspension or air-filled tires and is ideal for off-road use. These strollers also are great in tight or crowded spaces where you might want good maneuverability and the ability to turn on a dime. Bear in mind that three-wheel strollers are not appropriate for babies under 6 months of age – that is, unless you also want to invest in an adapter system that will allow you to snap your baby’s car seat into your three-wheeler while your bundle of joy is still very small.

8. You might need more than one. You buy a pram for a new baby and also invest in a low-cost umbrella-style stroller can save you after your baby reaches 6 months. They’re convenient and lightweight – often under cheaper than prams. Sunbaby and Meme have economical range while Chicco strollers start from INR 4500 onwards. Mums N Munchkins offers FLAT 10% off on strollers and prams.

9. Stay focused on safety. Never leave your baby unattended in a stroller, especially when he or she is sleeping. The baby could strangle by sliding down into a leg opening. Always remember to use the safety belt or harness, to avoid overloading the stroller, to lock the stroller’s wheels when you’re standing still so it can’t roll away from you, and to return the stroller warranty card so you can be contacted about a recall.

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Mums N Munchkins is offering 10% Off on various strollers and prams. We have Sunbaby, Meemee and BSA Prams and Strollers. Can also get Chicco Snappy and Chicco London strollers.

Pls call 0124-4105735.



postheadericon Flat 10% Off on Diapers !

Diapers are a mom’s best friend, undoubtedly. Once the baby born, most hospitals will put disposable diapers on your baby! So, it’s okay to use it right after birth! Each day, a baby needs to change diapers between 8 to 12 times (average). It’s really a personal decision- but disposable diapers- are absolutely fine on a newborns skin. In my experience the best disposable diapers in India are as follows:

  1. Pampers New Baby – Victor Mills was an American chemical engineer who, while working for the Procter & Gamble Co., revolutionized child care with the invention of the disposable diaper. He began work on that product in the 1950s, using his grandchildren as test subjects. Today, Pampers are found around the world. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, Pampers are sold wherever diapers are sold.
  2. Evy Baby New Born
  3. Pigeon Small
  4. Wipro Small
  5. Huggies New Baby – Owned by the 140-year-old Wisconsin company Kimberly-Clark, Huggies are distributed in 150 countries. Varieties include newborn to toddler diapers, overnites, jean diapers, swimmers, baby wipes, and diapers for bed wetters, among others. Available everywhere diapers are sold.
  6. Mamy Poko Pants ( easy for babies who  can stand up – 1 year onwards)


Many parents prefer to buy large packs of Diapers, depending on their budgets and suitability to child. For the first few days, buy small packs of diapers and see which one suits your baby’s skin the best in terms of absorbance, rash, bulkiness and leak-proof material.

Diapers available at Mums N Munchkins are Pigeon, Evy Baby and Pampers Active Baby. Best Price for Diapers 10% off on All Diapers in Gurgaon. 10% Off on Pampers Diapers In Gurgaon

Features to look out for in diapers –

Wetness indicator – Some diapers, such as Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, have a wetness indicator that lets you know your baby needs a change.

Cutout (for newborns) – Newborn sizes of many brands of disposable diapers have a curved front or cutout to avoid irritating the still-healing navel area. Some parents just fold a regular diaper down until the area fully heals.


Stretch sides – These sides help the diaper to do a better job of molding to a baby’s body, which can help stop leaks. Diapers with stretch sides can be more comfortable, too. This feature is found on disposable diapers and on waterproof cloth diaper covers and all-in-one cloth diaper styles.

Diaper Rash

Babies  who wear diapers may experience skin irritation, commonly referred to as diaper rash, due to contact with fecal matter, as feces contains urease which catalyzes the conversion of the urea in urine to ammonia which can irritate the skin and can cause painful redness. The best diaper rash creams have the highest amount of zinc oxide in them. The higher the ingredient of zinc oxide, the better it is at protecting the baby’s skin from allergies and rashes. Other method is to simply use Vaseline petroleum jelly to your baby’s bottom before you put her in diapers. The jelly acts as a barrier between the skin and diaper, thus preventing the rash.

Best Diaper Rash Creams Available

  1. Sudocream
  2. Desitin
  3. Mothercare Nappy Rash Cream
  4. Chicco Diaper Rash Cream
  5. Pigeon Diaper Rash Cream
  6. Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream


Cloth Diapers

Other way to prevent diaper rash is to put the baby in cloth diapers though it increases the work load for the mother. Cloth diapers can be much less expensive than disposables.  After paying the initial cost, you’ll save huge money by reusing cloth diapers again and again.

Various Types of Cloth Diapers are Tinycare’s Square Nappies, U-Shaped with cord, Triangle Nappies, Nappies with outer plastic inner cloth, with valcro etc. You can also choose diapers with inserts (cloth pads or disposable pads added to increase absorbency), waterproof covers to lock in moisture, and/or flushable liners that help to contain the mess. Liners eliminate the need to rinse cloth diapers before depositing them in a diaper pail.

Please Visit the Store for Discounts

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Above Kotak Mahindra Bank,

Gurgaon .



postheadericon Celebrating BreastFeeding Awareness Week. 10% off on all Breastpumps Til Aug 8th 2012

It’s Raining Gifts at our store in Galleria! Here is a chance for you to win free head/foot massage! All you have to do is visit Mums N Munchkins on Aug 4, Saturday as we celebrate “Breast Feeding Awareness Day”. Our store is giving FLAT 10% off on breast pumps of any brand.  Also get FREE breast pads from Chicco for lactating women.

Any Pregnant lady who comes to Mums N Munchkins store in Galleria 04th Aug ’12, Saturday, will get a Free Foot Reflexology from Mantra Spa, South Delhi (worth Rs. 1800, duration 45 minutes) or free head massage at Kairali Ayurvedic Spa in Gurgaon. Also if she agrees to take a free concept presentation on LifeCell she will get a free Lara Dutta Prenatal Yoga DVD upon taking a presentation.

- Any non pregnant lady who comes to Mums N Munchkins on 04th Aug ’12 and refers a pregnant friend/or one with new baby for Free Concept Presentation on LifeCell, she too will get a Free Foot Reflexology  from Mantra Spa (worth Rs. 1800, duration 45 minutes) and her friend will get a free Lara Dutta Prenatal Yoga DVD or Forest Essentials  Mothers Pack.

Our store address – SF 24, First Floor, Galleria Market. Call 0124-4105735 for directions.


postheadericon Medela Breast Pumps and Other Products at our store in Galleria

Medela – serves customers in more than 90 countries and  provides the most technologically advanced, superior-quality breast-pumps and breast-feeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world. It is the only company to develop products based on research by the world’s leading lactation experts. As a result, Medela’s breast-pumps are the number one choice of 80 percent of U.S. hospitals.

Now the products of this brand are available at our store in Galleria market.